Ronald van Schepen was born in 1971 in the Frisian village Beetgum. He managed to surround himself in his younger years with many famous artists from the north. He followed various private lessons with, among others, Jan Jetten and Jenny Bakker.

His painting is often powerful and colorful, in which he uses different techniques. Each painting attracts attention and takes you into its coloring game. In recent years, Ronald has mainly focused on the three-dimensional work, in the form of ceramics and bronze. For this he has followed various private lessons by visual artist Eldo Tenpierik. He derives his inspiration for this work from personal events, music and old mythical stories. He makes this visual and creates a combination of contemporary art forms and traditional forms. This creates a nice tension, but also balance between the past and now. He thinks it is important that the artworks that originate from his subconscious, together with what he feels and perceive, will captivate and keep the observer captivated